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Thank you so much for thinking of donating to Tail's End. Below is a reminder of the 'Stuff We Need' and their equivalent cedi value. If you have access to the resource, you can lend it to us and if you'd rather help us purchase it, we'd appreciate that too. 

Once you've settled on your donation, fill out the Form below by stating your name, email address and your Pledge.

Examples of Pledges You Can Make

  1. 10 Ghana Cedi to Internet Credit
  2. Rehearsal Space for Climate Change Practice
  3. 100 social media shares for audience growth


I will then contact you directly to complete your gift.

Thank you!





1. Internet Credit, ₵50

2. A Rehearsal Room,  ₵50

3. Recording Studio,  ₵50

4. Food ,  ₵50

5. A green Room,  ₵50

6. Adobe Creative Suite,  ₵50

7. Social Media Shares,  ₵50



    Please complete the form below

    Name *
    e.g 10 Ghana Cedi to Buying Internet Credit , e.g. My Studio for Climate Change Rehearsals e.g. 100 social media shares to Climate Change