Episode 4: A Nation's Mental State


I don’t have a regular episode for you today. The people I wanted to talk to, I couldn’t get a hold of in time. So instead I thought I’d share one of my big questions with you : A question, I hope I’ll better understand with each episode of “Things My Therapist Said.”

A Nation’s Mental State: Is there such a thing?

 I’ve tried googling it, but every time I type in 'Mental' I’m inundated  with rates of mental illness and types of mental diseases .

But my question is different.

I want to know , can mental health go beyond the individual  and into a community?

Can how we choose to deal or not deal with everyday stresses seep into the psyche of a community? Can it be contagious?  Can it affect how a society sees itself? What it believes it is capable of? What it believes it isn’t ? Can it become a part of a culture? Embed itself into a national belief system  and if it can, what are the resources needed to repair such damage? Can it be repaired? Or at the very least, managed?

Maybe I’m typing the wrong words into google. Maybe what I should be searching is the Psychology of A Nation. 

Wikipedia tells me that is a thing. But whether it is a valid thing,  is up for debate with the strongest critique being that people are individuals first and to suggest a collective psychology is to venture a little too close to 'stereotyping'.

But if it is a thing (and I can’t shake the nagging feeling that at some level it is) , could access to public mental health services (and I mean that in its most literal sense) affect, change and  improve the psychology of said nation ? 

 Beyond providing a space for  you and me to learn more about mental health and the services available to us as Ghanaians,  this is one of the big questions I’m hoping to answer with Things My Therapist Said. 

If you have any thoughts on this, please share it with me either here or privately via email at yaba@tailsend.net



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